Saturday, January 19, 2013


"Dear ALLAH... i don't know of all the challenges my sister is facing but YOU know everything. I hear her silence, YOU hear her plead. I see her laugh, YOU see her tears .. I see when she gives, YOU see what has been taken from her. I see her appearance, YOU see the scars in her soul. I experience her faith, YOU know her doubts. So please give her everything that she needs, If what she wants is not the best one for her, replace it with something better and let her notice YOUR kindness. Bless her abundantly for all the times to come and make her feel YOUR love, yaa ALLAH"

p/s : Thank you my sis for all those kind of pray.... It's really make me feel much much better after got sms from her last night... And THANK YOU ALLAH for giving me someone to remind me YOUR kindness that person always forgot.

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JIJI YU said... [Reply to comment]

wano gu

deno said... [Reply to comment]

selamat menyambut maulidur rasul... sama-sama kita berselawat ke atas nabi muhammad s.a.w.. :)

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